How Tall is God?

A story recently came to in the dreamworld. The title is:

How tall is God?

Two persons, a man and a woman, had recently died. Their souls were approaching the pearly gates. In front of the gate stood St. Peter, who was going to decide whether they were allowed to enter heaven.

St. Peter addressed the man: “Before you can enter heaven, you will have to answer this question: How tall is God?”

The man looked confused and did not know what to say. Is it at all possible to say how tall God is?

St. Peter addressed him again: “I can help you a little and will pose the question a bit differently: How tall was God before He entered heaven?”

The man was still quite confused. “Isn’t God always in heaven?”, he pondered to himself. “What will happen if I give a false answer? Will I not be allowed to enter?”

He did not know what to say. Suddenly an answer dawned upon him. He said: “God is 1 meter and 83 centimetres tall”. That was exactly the height of the man.

“The answer is correct”, said St. Peter. “You may enter”.

When the man had entered heaven, God asked him again: “How tall is God after he has entered heaved?” The man answered him with a smile on his face: “1,83”.

The man turned around and looked at the woman, who were still standing at the gates.

St. Peter walked over to her and asked: “How tall is God?” “She is 1,74”, said the woman. “That’s exactly right”, said St. Peter, “you may enter.”